Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Meeting before Summer

MAC Meeting 4/23

Not the last meeting forever but until mid-October of 2013.  We had an enjoyable time listening to Gary from macmost.com  He talks fast but imparts lots of good information.  We listened to his tutorials; 12 & 23.  Check out his website.  

As usual Jack did a great job of picking the subjects and answering questions.  There were five of us in attendance and we all learned something.  d

Kay had good suggestions on passwords.  
Not Kay's suggestions

We also discussed iCloud and how to view the data you've saved there by accessing the iCloud.com.  You have to remember your Apple ID and password to view the data.  Give it a try.  It's helpful to remember that after you activate your devices for iCloud they access directly as long as there is an internet connection available.  Otherwise the data is saved in temp files on your device.  

If you let me know what's going on in your MAC lives at home I'll publish.  Just email me at:  carlos.marsters@gmail.com  I'm not sure who carlos is but I think he might be related to me.  

Hope to hear from you.  


Anticipating summer heat

Monday, April 15, 2013

MAC Users Group

No Meeting 4/16/13

Mike is stuck in Desert Hot Springs being sandblasted by high winds and unable to get back to CG.
Can't see to drive. Don't think I'm ever going to Palm Springs again.  Three days of high winds and sand being plastered everywhere at high velocity make me wonder why it's such a popular place.  The high priced shopping is interesting though and people are nice.  

Meeting 4/23/13

We'll be back in the room at 1PM on the above date.  Please come and we'll share answers.  

Your faithful, 


Saturday, April 6, 2013

MAC Club 4/2/13 & 4/9/13

This Week 4/2/13

There weren't many attendees on the 2nd  and one less when Jack was called away to help his wife at the emergency room.  He reports the bite to the hand is still painful but is getting better.  

Brent and Mike bluffed their way thru some familiarization of the menus and some comments on how to recover information from backups with TimeMachine.  

Time Machine is a good program and there are excellent tutorials on the web.  Also Apple has some good explanations.  Just Google.  

Next Week 4/9/13

We are planning a meeting at the usual time and even though there may be few participants we'll learn something.  Just bring your questions.