Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mac Users Group 1/22/13 & 1/29/13

iPhoto Book Presentation

Excellent job leading us through a lesson about constructing a book with iPhoto.  She wants us to continue beyond item 14 and attempt to make a book ourselves.  Check her blog at suzienunley.blogspot.com  All the instructions and photos are there if you don't want to use your own pics.  Please try to make a book.  Suzie's email is swoozie228@gmail.com

Again, Thanks very much Suzie


Welcome to the new folks.  

Larry Wants Photos

Please send them to larry@steppingthroughthegate.com  We need to keep Larry happy because he does such a good job a our facilitator.  Thanks Larry!

Next Week 1/29/13

Irene Hall has promised a lesson on iPhoto.  She told me she uses the KISS rule so we should be well informed and even better, able to understand.  

Resizing photos
Tom Gottfried will give us various methods for making photos able to be easily emailed by resizing or included in documents.  He probably will have other surprises as well.  He always does a good job.

The following is the responsibility of the editor only:  Various internet sources indicate George W Bush's SAT score was 1206 and his estimated IQ is 129.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MAC Users Group Meeting 1/22/13

Thank You, Brent Shirley

It Just Works
Thanks to Brent for a nice informative presentation on iCloud.  The tutorial was entertaining and informative and fun to watch the subtitles trying to understand the speech.  Brent also mentioned his iPad class  Sundays at 1:30PM is full and signup ahead of time is necessary.  

Also thanks to Jack McCleskey for the JAVA alert.  He thought there would be a patch soon but suggested we disable JAVA by:  In Safari go to preferences, security, unclick JAVA and JAVA script.  Possibly some websites will not function without JAVA script so turn it on and then off after exiting the particular site.  


For the Welcome Home celebration are needed.  Gail Krause may know who they are and hopefully someone will assign times.  It's to take place Saturday January 19th between 10:30AM and 1:30PM.  I, Mike Marsters have signed up and someone else also but I don't know who.   See you there.  


Suzie would like to have us send photos to her email:  swoozie228@gmail.com of Mac Club Members doing things around the park or elsewhere.  

Next Week 1/22/13 and After

Resizing files, How to construct a book, iPhoto resizing, more info on backup:  Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, Carbonite, SuperDuper.  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

MAC Meeting January 15, 2013


To Gail Kraus for an enjoyable and informative presentation on Pages.  A very usable word processing program.  Thank you very much.  Clap, clap!

Next Week

Brent Shirley has promised an explanation of iCloud.  I thank him in advance as he's got plenty to do with this and his job on the iPad. 

Speaking of Brent's iPad meetings, they are to continue on Sunday January 13th at 1:30PM in the Ocotillo Room.  Also there well be another session later in the afternoon for more advanced users.  


Welcome Back II will be January 19th, 11:30 to early afternoon.  We, (Mac Club) has a booth with only one volunteer.  Gail needs help and it would only be for at most a couple of hours.  It would be fun to meet new people and tell them how great we are.  

Future Subjects

iPhoto, naming photos, deleting, resizing, making books, use of spreadsheets, calendars and more.  


wants us to send her photos of Mac Club Members activities in the park.  America's Funniest Home, probably not.  her address is:  swoozip228@gmail.com  

See you next week