Monday, April 7, 2014

MAC Users Group


Alfa rally has usurped our room so we won't be having a meeting on April 8th.  That would have been the last one of the season.  

Everyone should thank the Activity office for notifying us.  

See ya, 
your faithful servant

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Next to last MAC Users Group for 2013/2014 Season

Meeting 4/1/2014

Larry led us in a review of some apps which can be accessed by the Google Chrome browser and add to it functionality.  Also these can be accessed when you are on the Google search website by clicking on the grid, Google App Launcher, which is a square of 9 squares near the top right of the screen.  

This icon is black in the upper right corner of your screen when logged into Google
and launches the following Launcher

App Launcher

Launcher above

Includes many Google functions which can be accessed simply by clicking on the icon.  

Search, You Tube, Maps, News, Finance, Gmail, Calendar, Blogger, and many more including Google+ 

It's not necessary to us Google Chrome to access these functions but I suspect having the Chrome browser would make functionality even better??  

Smart Mailbox

Smart Mailbox Menu
After clicking on the above choice the following appears allowing you to set preferences for your new box.  
Choices for making Smart Mailbox zero on what you want.

Here's a site with an Apple tutorial:
Surely Cox has a tutorial for this as well:   Check it out.  

Adding a Photo to Contacts

Here's a site giving a clue: Jack explained this very well.  Of course, you have to obtain a photo for the person, duh.  

Archiving Mail

Jack spoke about this and referred us to a $24.99 program from the app store.  There must be a cheaper way.  Remember I have a reputation to keep.  I'm doing more research; check back on the blog.  

Next Week

More review, Icloud, Iphoto and any other subjects participants want to discuss.  

Next week will likely be our last formal meeting but there's no reason we can't get together in an informal way if there is interest.  Only about eight at the last meeting so we'll see.  

Your faithful servant,