Saturday, January 29, 2011

Invite from the Palm Creek PC Computer Club

All members of the MAC Computer Club are invited to the Feb 2 meeting of the Palm Creek Computer Club. Representatives from Best Buy will be the guest speakers at their February 2 meeting. The meeting starts at 9:30 a.m.. Topics to be discussed:

· New scanners for our photographs

· Scanning slides into our computers

· eBook readers: Kindle & iPad vs other brands

· Internet connection with aircards

· What is all the hype about 3g vs 4g and what does it mean

· What is the Best Buy trade in program

· How do we recycle old electronic equipment

· Introduce some features of a smart phone

This sounds like it could be useful for a lot of us.

Thanks to Sue Hepler for thinking of us and extending the invitation

Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

I'm so grateful for the talent within the MAC group that is willing to share their knowledge and experience at the MAC Computer Club meetings. I've been impressed at every meeting with the quality of the presentations and the questions that are being asked by the group.

We had a very interesting introduction and real-time demo of Google Voice by Arne Mykie at the last meeting. Thanks Arne for showing us what's possible through Google. It was also interesting to see how you've set up your gmail account to receive all your e-mails as you travel to various locations.

Duane Careb gave an excellent presentation on Mobile Me. It was very interesting to see an actual use of "the cloud". He also shared his experience with MiFi which is something I will check out. He's provided a hand-out for me to send out to the group.

It was nice to learn that several other members within the group use Mobile Me so we will have a place to go to get answers to our questions about this subject. Unfortunately Duane will be leaving us for another RV park next week.

Bill Edwards will be speaking to Back-Up options again next week with Jack McCleskey's support. We're encouraging everyone to have a regular back-up system operating for their computer.

Rick Dodds will be looking into the possibility of presenting a new Apple product called Apple Facetime. It allows you to do visual phone calls with other Mac users.

Thanks to everyone that attempted to make a comment on the blog....and all those who were able to make it happen. Keep practicing.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Progress - Thursday, January 13, 2011

There were 35 of us in the meeting today.

Today we had two more very informative presentations:

One by Sue Hepler from the Palm Creek Computer Club who spoke to us about the Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort Blogs, specifically the Mac Users Group, and another presentation by Irene and David Hall who demonstrated how to create movies in iMovie.

Even though we had technical breakdowns with Internet connection failing us during Sue's presentation and the speakers not working in Dave and Irene's presentation (what a bummer after all the work they put into making the movie for us), thanks to the creativity and collective knowledge of the group we learned a lot about bookmarks, using Command - or + to enlarge or shrink the image along the way, plus other tips. We're fortunate to have Bill Edwards, Jack McCleskey, Suzie Nunley and Silvia Oswald in the group to guide us through the various options when we're in trouble (at least those were the ones that I heard helping me when I was trying to support Sue).

At the upcoming meeting, January 20th, Tom Gottfried will demonstrate how to create a blog, and Jack McCleskey will takes us through another journey into Systems Preferences.

Tom Gottfried, Bonnie Hensel, Dave Odgers and Carol Stuart will be representing us at the upcoming Palm Creek Welcome Home Party on Sunday, January 16th. Please stop by and join them in spreading the word about our exciting MAC Users Group if you're so inclined. Thank you Tom, Bonnie, Dave and Carol for your support.

As we left the meeting I expressed hope that several of you would add comments about your experience of the meeting on this blog. We look forward to your "posts".

Posted by Larry Freeborg